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Nzung Sou


Nzung Ndaauv caux Nzung Nangv Hymnal with Chorus Book 204-Z
Tin-Deic Douh Nzung Genesis Chant Book 205-Z
Ging-Sou Nzung Chant Book (Mt.5-7; Jn.15,16) 206-Z


Bible Selections

Siang-Ngaengc Waac New Testament 301-Z
Tin Deic Douh taux Nzamc Leiz-Latc Genesis through Deuteronomy 302-Z
Kuv Fienx Sou da'yietc buonv caux Naaic Dau Sou # 1 New Readers Scriptures # 1 307-Z
New Readers Scriptures # 1 with Workbook # 1 307a-Z
Fin-Saeng nyei " Teacher's copy NRS Workbook 1 307t-Z
Kuv Fienx Sou da'nyeic buonv caux Naaic Dau Sou # 2 New Readers Scriptures # 2 308-Z
New Readers Scriptures # 2 with Workbook # 2 308a-Z
Fin-Saeng nyei " Teacher's copy NRS Workbook 2 308t-Z
Kuv Fienx Sou da'faam buonv New Readers Scriptures # 3 309-Z
Kuv Fienx Sou da'fei buonv New Readers Scriptures # 4 310-Z
Doqc dorng Sou Nyei Baaih Piux Certificate (above course) 311-Z
Fi^lipv^poi Sou Naaic Dau Sou Philippians Workbook 353-Z

Tengx Njaaux Ging-Sou Nyei Sou

Christian Booklets & Teaching Aids

Tin-Hungh Zeix Maanc Muotc Creation Story Booklet 403-Z
Noyaa Sou Noah Booklet 404-Z
Apc^laa^ham Abraham booklet 405-Z
Mose MOSES 406-Z
Mose caux Leiz-Latc Moses & the Law 407-Z
Ging-Sou Douh Bible Overview Chart (3 sizes) 430-Z
Tin-Deic Douh nyei Douh Overview Chart of Genesis 431-Z
Jiu-Baang Fienx Mien Christian Magazine 450-Z
Dorng Jaa nyei Leiz-Fingx Marriage arrangements, booklet 452-Z
Dorng Jaa Nyei Jauv Family Life Scriptures 453-Z
Hingv Jiex Mienv Nyei Hungh Overcoming Satan 454-Z
Siang-Hnyouv, Siang Nzuih New Heart, New Tongue, Eng. or Mien 455-Z
Sienx Tin-Hungh nyei Gorn-Ndoqv Foundations of our Faith 456-Z
Giduc Cong-Mengh Leiz Christian Ethics/Life in Christ Spiral 457-Z
Giduc Cong-Mengh Leiz Christian Ethics/Life in Christ Stapled 457-Z2
Mbuo se hnangv Nzauv You are the SALT of earth(English only) 458-Z
Fu'jueiv caux Domh Mienh Friends with Respect (English only) 459-Z
Tin-Hungh Bun Singx Lingh God Gives His Holy Spirit 460-Z
Cai-Doix Jiu-Tong Family harmony brings peace 461-Z
Jiu-Bang nyei Nyaanh Stewardship 462-Z
Caux Mienv Hungh Mborqv Jaax Spiritual Warfare 463-Z
Lorz Ging-Sou Nyei Waac (Saan Daqv Faan Daaih) Mini Concordance (Translated from English.Published by Portland Church) 490-Z
Nzutv Zunv Njaaux Ging-Sou A brief survey of New Testament (48 pp) 491-Z
Hoqc hiuv taux Tin-Hungh Theology classes 492-Z
Hnoi-Hnoi Doqc Nyei Ging-Sou Daily Devotions (Book # 4) 493-Z

Tengx Doqc Sou

Introductory Literacy Booklets

Buo Dauh Mbing Three Monkeys 527-Z
Janx Gorngv A’nziaauc nyei Gouv Western Fables 528-Z
Jae-Dorn-Lunx Nyei Gouv Chicken Little 528a-Z
Buo Dauh Dungz-Dorn Nyei Gouv The Three Little Pigs 528b-Z
Buo Dauh Jiepv Three Bears 528c-Z
Lui-Kuangx-Siqv Little Red Riding Hood 528d-Z
Janx-Dorn-Njuov-Sing The Gingerbread Man 528e-Z
Gor Geh Sou Alphabet A-B-C Book 530-Z
Mienh caux Baeqv Miuv nyei Gouv Mien & Hmong Stories & Boy cried Tiger 532-Z
Yiem Laauv Deic-Bung nyei Jauv Visalia Stories of Life in Laos 533-Z
Saan Cing Mbatc Mbiauz Saan Cing Goes Fishing 534-Z
Yiu-Mienh Nzaangc,Jiex Gorn Sou
Sien Zeix nyei Da’yietc Buonv Introductory Primer-Reader 535-Z

Zieqv Nzaangc Sou

Introduction To Literacy Course

Zieqv Nzaangc Sou daqc 1 Literacy Primer # 1 571-Z
Tengx Fin-saeng Njaaux Teacher’s Manual & tests for
Zieqv Nzaangc Sou daqc 1 Primer # 1 571-Z-TM
Doqc dorng sou nyei Certificate for those completing
Baaih Piux Primer 1 (Add stars for others) 571b-Z
Zieqv Nzaangc Sou daqc 2 Literacy Primer # 2 572-Z
Tengx Fin-saeng Njaaux Teacher’s Manual & tests for
Zieqv Nzaangc Sou daqc 2 Primer # 2 572-Z-TM
Zieqv Nzaangc Sou daqc 3 Literacy Primer # 3 573-Z
Tengx Fin-saeng Njaaux Teacher’s Manual & tests for Primer # 3
Zieqv Nzaangc Sou daqc 3 (In Preparation) 573-Z-TM
Zieqv Nzaangc Sou daqc 4 Literacy Primer # 4 574-Z
manc-manc oix maaih ziex nyungc sou Later on there will be many other books

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